human trafficking: modern slavery

“Trafficking” is modern-day slavery and is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world. Human trafficking is defined as the recruitment, transportation, harboring, or taking of people by means of threat, force, coercion, abduction, fraud, or deception for the purpose of exploiting them.

The average age of entrance into sex trafficking is 13 years old. Members of every country and ethnic group perpetuate these crimes. It is hard to leave the trade when there are few places to put people who come out of trafficking. And few people are aware of this massive issue.

The United Nations estimates that 2.5 million people are trafficked annually and 27 million are in the trade right now. The U.S. State Department estimates an even higher number: about 12.3 million adults and children “in forced labor, bonded labor, and forced prostitution around the world.” It deprives people of their human rights and freedoms, is a global health risk, and fuels organized crime.

Victims of trafficking are forced or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation. Labor trafficking ranges from domestic servitude and small-scale labor setups to large-scale operations such as farms, sweatshops, and major multinational corporations. Sex trafficking is one of the most profitable forms of trafficking and involves any form of sexual exploitation, such as prostitution, pornography, bride trafficking, and the commercial sexual abuse of children.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. As you stop at red lights this week, pray for the red light districts of the world to be shut down.


Learn how you can be an advocate against human trafficking:

International Justice Mission

Not For Sale

Be An Informed Consumer

One thought on “human trafficking: modern slavery

  1. Was watching and hearing about this on Passion. I had never knew that their was that many people. It is just sad and broke my heart just listening to the stories. Thanks for sharing.

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