the wobbly table

the table storyIsn’t annoying to sit down at a table that has a wobble? I am sitting at a table that has the kind of wobble that teeters back and forth when you lean on it. Err. There should really be a law against these tables.

I suppose the only solution to the problem of a wobbly table is to saw the other 3 legs shorter to match the short one. Stink, I don’t have a saw! All considering the table is owned by a restaurant sawing the legs would be a bad idea. I wouldn’t want to cause a scene anyways. I’m not going to move either because that would just pass the problem onto another innocent bystander.

Sometimes I feel like a wobbly table. Teetering back and forth between my desires and God desires. When I cave into my desires it causes weaknesses and unbalance in my life that God never meant there to be if only I would obey Him. So how do I stop the wobbling? Answer: God’s Word, it is the de-wobble-izer. God’s Word is like a napkin under the short leg that gives strength and balance to the table.

Before I left I put a napkin under the short leg. It fixed the problem. I wish I would have done this earlier.

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