jumper cable start fire up3Today, after basketball practice, I stopped at Wal-Mart to do a little shopping. It was just another normal day out and about. So I got what I needed, paid, and thanked the tired lady who checked me out. I unloaded the bags into the car and turned the key…nothing.

“Stupid head!” I yelled, “I left the LIGHTS on!”

I don’t know why I drive with the lights on during the day. A habit, I guess. Well, I waited and waited for someone to help me. With jumper cables in my hands every passing person just gazed at the sorry fellow, thankful they were not having the kind of moment I was.

With my pride defeated I made the embarrassing call to ask someone for help. Now, just the week before I locked my keys in the car…I swear, I am going nuts…no comments, please. Thanks to a godly family my car received a recharge.

Yeah, it’s a normal day in my life, but it reminded me of a valuable lesson: SOMETIMES WE ALL NEED HELP WITH RECHARGING.

On Sundays we come to worship the Lord together. Some come for the fellowship with friends and family they love, some come for the music or the message, but most come to be recharged.

It is difficult to shine our lights for Christ all week. In fact, it can be draining. When we are stranded out in the parking lots of our lives there are not many to help. Yet as we gather together on “day one”, our Sabbath, we can be refreshed, refueled and recharged by His great grace.

Thanks God for the good lesson in an everyday event. I am recharged.

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