The Last Christian


Tonight, I bought and watched “The Last Samurai”. I didn’t catch this when I saw it in the theatre, but Samurai means “servant”.

A samurai was a warrior, protector and servant to the emperor of the Japanese kingdom. They spent 1200 years perfecting their art. Today, the samurai is no more. They are have become extinct. The modern world with its fine industrialization, Western protestylization and new warfare tactics all killed the samurai.

Samurai were thought to be savages by their enemies. In fact, they were more dignified than most of their enemies. Their entire lives they trained perfecting their warfare skills. They purposed to keep their warfare as honorable as possible by extending forgiveness and respect to their enemies.
Christians have a lot in common with the Samurai. We are engaged in warfare everyday with a savage enemy. We are to seek to perfect the art of serving my King. In the mist of spiritual battle we are trained to stand strong, respect our enemies and extend forgiveness to those that wrong us.
What if you were the last Christian? What would the world say about you? Would the legacy, dignity and reputation of the Christian live on long after you were gone? Would they say that you were marked by your service for the King of kings?
I am the protector of the Truth. I am a warrior for God. I am a servant to the King.


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