Hugo Liborio

The past two summers we have taken our groups from our church down to the Dominican Republic for ministry among the sugarcane villages. This last year our trip leader was Hugo. He is a man of contagious love for God and a joy for Christ. Our team quickly came to admire his passion for Jesus, the church, and his family. He is an example of a true follower of Christ.

The Lord to Hugo home early this year.

On Saturday, January 20, 2010, SCORE International celebrated Hugo Liborio‘s life at church plant Villa España in the Dominican Republic. Hugo spent the last year of his life working as a missionary in the Dominican with his wife, Sarah, and two children who are continuing in the work.

back from DR09

DR094 045I got back yesterday from the Dominican Republic. What an amazing ministry with 8 others from our church. I will share more information and pictures later.

In just about a month Sarah and I leave for the Congo. Pray that our visas arrive soon.

a prayer of thanks for the DR

Early Sunday morning we got back into town. We are tired.

I didn’t want to leave the ministry in the Dominican Republic. Personally, I wanted to adopt at least 5 kids from the villages or orphanages we visited. I am so proud of our team for the spiritual initiative and giftedness they pour out on this mission. The fruit was immediate in their lives and ours. God is glorified. May we repeat more of the same here on our home turf.


thank You for the opportunity to  glorify Your name in the Dominican Republic.

thank You protect us and keep us safe as we flew, during Kiko’s bus driving, and walking around the various villages.

thank You for the strength empowered within us as we did new things in a strange place.

thank You for opening up the floodgates for you glory to shine through us.

thank You for using us as lights of your Sons grace.

thank You for Your love and allowing us to show Your love to the unlovable.

thank You for bring our team together as One.

thank You for using our hands to touch minister to Your orphans, and allowing Your love flow through us.

thank You for spiritual nourishment and immediate fruit the people we feed, clothed and played with in the sugar cane villages.

thank You for the spiritual healing those we sought to nurse in the medical clinic.

thank You for the numerous souls redeemed through our drama “Tired” and Your gospel message.

thank You for being the center of our worship.

thank You for humbling my prideful heart from the joyful poverty of the people we met.

thank You for my new friend Kiko [thank You for rescuing him and giving him a passionate heart]

thank You for creating a beautiful island with beautiful people.


a prayer for the DR

On Friday we leave from Battle Ground Bible Church with 16 team members for the Dominican Republic. We are gearing up for a stretching 10 days of ministry. Here is my prayer for our trip…


may Your name would be glorified in the Dominican Republic.

may You protect us and keep us safe as we fly, bus, and walk.

may Your strength empower us as we enter a world unknown.

may You open the floodgates for you glory to shine through us.

may You use us as lights of your Sons grace.

may our love be Your love.

may our team be One.

may our hands touch minister to Your orphans, may your love flow through us.

may You spiritual nourish the people we feed in the sugar cane villages.

may you spiritual heal those we seek to nurse.

may souls be redeemed through our drama “Tired”.

may You be the center of our worship.