a prayer for the DR

On Friday we leave from Battle Ground Bible Church with 16 team members for the Dominican Republic. We are gearing up for a stretching 10 days of ministry. Here is my prayer for our trip…


may Your name would be glorified in the Dominican Republic.

may You protect us and keep us safe as we fly, bus, and walk.

may Your strength empower us as we enter a world unknown.

may You open the floodgates for you glory to shine through us.

may You use us as lights of your Sons grace.

may our love be Your love.

may our team be One.

may our hands touch minister to Your orphans, may your love flow through us.

may You spiritual nourish the people we feed in the sugar cane villages.

may you spiritual heal those we seek to nurse.

may souls be redeemed through our drama “Tired”.

may You be the center of our worship.


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