myths regarding Christians and work

Myths regarding Christians and work:

1. Going to work in a standard job makes you a “missionary.”

2. Being a vocational Christian means you’re in “the center of God’s will” (which also means nothing bad will ever happen to you.)

3. Engaging the culture means opening a fair-trade coffee shop in your city (usually called “Ekklesia”), doing something in the inner city, painting pictures, making short films, or starting a band.

4. Christians always like their jobs and always feel “called to their careers.

Lessons from Christians who do something:

1. God wants you to do something [1 Thessalonians 4:11-12].

2. God sometimes uses your vocations to humble you [Genesis 3:17-18].

3. God wants you to use the talents He gave you [Proverbs 12:14].

4. God wants you to be excellent at what you do [Proverbs 22:29].

Outline taken from chapter 11: “It’s Sometimes a Wonderful Life, Evangelicals and Vocation” by Ted Kluck in Don’t Call It A Comeback. Crossway, Wheaton, IL. 2011. 143-154

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