What is in a nickname? A nickname is sometimes considered desirable, symbolising a form of acceptance, but can often be a form of ridicule. I have had my fair share of nicknames over the years. Some I enjoy, some are annoying, some are not worth repeating, and some are fighting words. Some of my most revered nicknames are:

tweedy [what ma called me as an infant because i had a big head and little hair]

Juice [what my ma and college girls called me]

JT [not after Justin Timberlake, but close friends who knew my middle name]

Hutts / Huttshead / Huttsinski / Huttsy / Huttster

Hut-hut-hutts [my 5th grade teacher Mr. Miller]

Hutts-is-nutts [dubbed Dave K.]

knuckle head [dubbed by Eric B.]

snuggle bear [what all the girls in high school called me] 

moco [means “booger” in Spanish, dubbed by my chilean sister]

PJ [aka: pastor Justin]

peej [aka PJ]

padawan [pastor Kenny’s longtime name for me the newbie pastor]

the polish sausage [pastor Kenny’s newest name, which compliments my heritage]

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