thumb licks [harvest edition]

Hacked! And you thought your email was secure!?

Sent into the Harvest: Halloween on Mission. Be on mission this Halloween.

7 Reasons Why Halloween Judgment Houses Miss the Mark. I always thought they were corny.

Strangest Ways to Travel. I totally want one.

Give us the Peculiar Grace of a Peculiar People. A prayer from Spurgeon.

Religious Nerds. Too funny not to be true.

Is this the future of punctuation? Hey, I use these.

No, Justin is not the unibomber, he's a bugger catcher!

carving faces

In America, we have weird traditions like carving faces into pumpkins. It is something I have always done since a kid. I am not sure I know where it came from in history, but I am sure if I did know I would would be so interested in carving pumpkins anymore. Sarah and I spent a date night de-gutting, carving and lighting our pumpkins. We had fun.

girls eat bugs

The best part of this week is the opportunity to dress up and eat so much candy that your teeth fall out. I swear Halloween was invented by dentists for the sole reason: having job security. I do have proof for that, but it sure does seem logical!

For Halloween this year I was a bug catcher (not the unibomber as it may appear). Sarah was a butterfly.