Two words. Home run. On Monday night I hit a home run in softball over the big fence. And no, it was not a little league field.

It was my last game in a BGBC uniform, the last inning, my last at bat. I stepped up to the plate and one of my shoes was untied. The umpire said, “Do you want to tie that?” I responded with a grin of embarrassment, “Yeah, just incase I need to run around all the bases!”

The next pitch my bat made contact with the ball and the ball blasted over the left field fence. The home run did not matter much since we were already 10-runs behind the other team. As I ran around the bases I felt like Robert Redford in The Natural. Good thing I was sweating so much from the 100-degree day that no one could see the tear in my eye!

I love playing softball with the men of our church.