a buffet of bratwursts (and a list of all my favorite diners, drive-ins, and dives)

schmidtsThis weekend I had the glorious opportunity to visit a local restaurant by the name of Schmidt Haus in German Village of Columbus, Ohio. There was a buffet of bratwurst, half-dozen array of amazing sausages, potatoes salads, sour kraut and red cabbage. For dessert we had a half-pound cream puff. It was though I had died and gone to heaven.

Locally established restaurants are definitely better than eating at chains.

Favorite Locally Owned Establishments:

Chaos Paradise in Cahuita, Costa Rica. Delicious red snapper and chicken sandwich with the sounds of reggae and beautiful view of the black sand beaches.

Marathon Junction at the Marathon Country Park in Wausau, WI. If you eat the one-pound Junction Burger you get a few tee-shirt and pride among your friends.

Mint Café, downtown Wausau, WI. Everything is green except the food. Great memories with mom!

Wildwater Joe’s, Daniels, WV. Try the Chili and Slaw dog. You won’t forget the bun and the price. Great deal.

Cathedral Café, Fayetteville, WV. An old church with healthy meals.

Khana Khazana, West Lafayette, IN. Indiana buffet at its best.

Spang’s, St. Germain, WI. Great thin crusted pizza and friendly staff.

Groute Constantia Stellenbosch farm, South Africa. Exotic meats, beautiful mountains and an unforgettable experience.

South Street Smoke House, Lafayette, IN. Almost as good as southern BBQ.

Buckingham’s Springfield, great BBQ west of the Mississippi.

Fried Green Tomatoes, Galena, IL. It’s all in the name. Better than the movie!

Casa Bonita’s, Denver, CO. Cliff divers, eat in a casa, and have amazing Mexican cuisine.

Purple Cow, Virginia Beach, VA. Wonderful milkshakes that turn your mouth purple.

McCord’s Candy in downtown Lafayette, IN. Get an inexpensive meal, homemade Coke, and memories of days gone by.

Rodity’s in Greek Town, Chicago. Opa! Great service and wonderful food.

Red Apple in the Polish District of Chicago. Nothing like perogies and dumplings on a buffet! Like going home for the holiday’s!

Jimmy’s, Philadelphia, PA. A classic cheese steak joint visited by everybody and everybody.

Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI. Nothing like a day of baseball and a brat covered in the secret sauce.

Ricardo’s, Greendale, WI. Pizza the ol’ Milwaukee style: cheese, sausage and mushrooms.

Ed Debevick’s, Chicago, IL. Their rude and crude, but the food is good.

Cousin’s. Something about the bread, but these subs and the cheesy broccoli soup rock!

Suberpia, Milwaukee, WI. The olive oil makes this sub sandwich a winner!

Saz’s, Milwaukee, WI. Best clam strips around.

Texas Inn (or the T room) in Lynchburg, VA. Who would have thought that an egg on a burger would be so tasty? Thanks Chris Korfman for introducing me to the cheesy western burger.

George Webbs, Milwaukee, WI. Breakfast 24-hours a day.

Favorite Chain Restaurants with a Memory:

Ryan’s Steakhouse, Beckley, WV. Nothing like hot rolls and a full belly as a college student!

Duncan Donuts on Harper Road, WV. Good times, great memories and few donuts after midnight.

Dairy Queen, Hinton WV. The view of the river is a great place for a date.

Nandos, Cape Town, South Africa. The chicken is spicy and I crave to go back!!

Culvers. Gotta love the frozen custard (turtle sundaes), butter burgers and fried cheese curds.

Taco Bell. Always a good idea on the front end, but regret it after the fact!

A&W Rootbeer (or Dogs & Suds). You can drive in and get your food at your car window.

2 thoughts on “a buffet of bratwursts (and a list of all my favorite diners, drive-ins, and dives)

  1. So, the fact that I’ve eaten with you at more restaurants on that list than I can count on one hand leaves me feeling that our friendship is very food based.

    Admitedly, I’m kind of baffled that the Red Apple made the list. Gross! 🙂

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