b4 Favre

A lot of people have been asking me lately what I think about the whole Brett Favre fiasco. Why? I am unsure. I am not a sports expert nor does my opinion really matter. I suppose it is because I am an avid cheesehead that no longer lives in the Dairy State.

In case you were wondering what my thoughts were on Favre, here it is:

  • I am glad the drama is over. As the old saying goes, “save the drama for your mama.”
  • I am glad the Packers had moved on and put faith in their new QB and team post-Favre.
  • I am glad Favre found a spot on a new team. Go Jets. I am a fan, only for Brett’s sake.
  • I am glad to be a Green Bay Packers fan!!
You know, before Brett Favre the Packers were the Packers–the New York Yankees of football. They will always be the Green Bay Packers with or without Favre. Favre will always be known as a GBP (as my good buddy Caleb Korth says in his thick Wisconsin accent, “Favre 4-ever.”), and one day this mess will be forgotten about when his number is official retired, if he ever decides to retire.

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