Have you ever sung a song dozens of times in church it became old? Or sung a song enough to forget the meaning of the song because you are too familiar with the lyrics? Today I was singing a song I’ve sung many times before, but became enraptured by on of the words in the song. The word was unstoppable. It stuck and pierced me to the soul. The object of the song is a beautiful lover. Not any ordinary lover, but a Lover who defines and exemplifies love.

There is no one like our God. Many have come to the realization that God is God and we are not. Moses warned [Exodus 8:10], Hannah prayed [1 Samuel 2:2], David worshiped [1 Chronicles 17:20; Psalm 86:8], Asa reformed [2 Chronicles 14:11], and Jeremiah challenged [10:6-7]. That is why people consider who God is they tend to use absolute terms to describe Him.

He is indescribable, incomparable, unchangeable, uncontainable, unshakeable, and utterly unstoppable. God is as passionately romantic and relentlessly pursues you with His love for His Creation. He bears patiently with tireless compassion despite the ways you ignore His love or neglect to show love for Him. The greatest example of His love is when His Son came down from Heaven as a human to die in my place [Romans 5:8], bearing my wrath, taking my shame, and giving me a new name.

God’s like a freight train with no brakes. He has more compassion than I could ever imagine or comprehend barreling down on us. Whether you acknowledge it now or later. Sooner or later all will know who is greater. His name is above every name, and at His name every knee will bow [Philippians 2:9-11]. There is no like Him. He is unstoppable.

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