now HE is BIG

I love cool stats. It’s weird, I know. Sometimes, I remember stats that are just plain stupid. Like, last year only 12% of americans bought cars with stick shifts. I drive stick, but who gives a rip.

I was attracted to this set of stats today:

If you were to hold out a dime at arms length, the coin would block out 15 million stars from your view, if your eyes could see with that power.

To help us grasp the vastness of our galaxy, one scientist suggests we imagine a smooth glass surface. Shrink the sun from 865,000 miles in diameter to two feet and place it on the surface. Using this scale, Earth would be 220 paces out from the sun, and would be the size of a pea. Mars, the size of a pinhead, would be 108 paces beyond Earth. But to reach Neptune, youd need to step off another 6,130 paces from Mars. By now you would be five miles from the sunbut there still wouldnt be room on the glass surface for Pluto! And you would have to pace off 6,720 miles beyond Pluto to reach the nearest star. Yet, this glass model represents only a tiny fraction of the universe.

WOW, my God is BIG. Though He is BIG, and when I think about this I feel small…He still cares for me more than all His creation. Glory to God!!!


A Fitting Worship Song

The splendor of a King, clothed in majesty 
Let all the earth rejoice 
All the earth rejoice 
He wraps himself in Light,
and darkness tries to hide 
And trembles at His voice 
Trembles at His voice 
How great is our God,
sing with me How great is our God,
and all will see How great,
how great is our God 
Age to age He stands 
And time is in His hands 
Beginning and the end 
Beginning and the end 
The Godhead Three in One 
Father Spirit Son 
The Lion and the Lamb 
The Lion and the Lamb 
Name above all names 
Worthy of our praise 
My heart will sing 
How great is our God 
How great is our God,
sing with me How great is our God,
and all will see How great,
how great is our God 
Behind the Song:”Another simple song that started from the thought of Gods greatness and presence. I love how Psalm 104 writes that he wraps himself in light My hope is that it is simple enough to sing, yet profound enough to cause the heart and soul to stand in wonder. Ive already been overwhelmed from the response Ive seen from this song.” – Chris Tomlin

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