1,000 Tongues

Have you ever had an amazing time of worship while driving in the car, standing in the shower or mowing the lawn? I love finding the unique and simple ways to worship God. I had one of those moment today while cleaning my house. Crazy, I know, especially when I despise dusting, mopping and doing the dishes.
I cranked my Passion ’06 CD and scrubbed-scrubbed-scrubbed all the while belting out praises. I wish I could sing. Someday I will sound like Josh Groban!?
Anyways, the CD ran out of tracks. It didnt loop so I started singing songs off the top of my head that I knew enough from memory like…All in All, You Are Holy, Famous One, It Is Well, etc. But one song made me think…O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing.
This is a standard hymn written by the ol’ Charles Wesley. I sang this a gajillion times in church growing up. There is nothing impressive about the number 1,000. I mean a thousand is not that big. I have been in churches where there have been a few thousand singing. Sure its awesome, but nothing compared to the millions and millions of voices before the throne of heaven. So I did a little research on the song with the help of modern day worshipper Matt Redman.
The phrase, “O for a thousand tongues to sing” doesn’t refer to 1,000 individual singers, but A SINGER who desires to have 1,000 tongues to sing praises to his redeemer. Wow, this truth has given a whole new meaning to this song for me.
“Hear Him, you deaf; His praise you dumb, your lossened tongues employ;
You blind behond your Savior come, and leap you lame, for joy!”


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