10 Memorable Dates

Each Friday Sarah and I religiously have a Date Night. I am sure when baby Hutts comes along we will have to be more creative and diligent to keep this as a weekly or bi-monthly tradition. Here are some of my most memorable dates-to-date with my gorgeous wife:

Beauty Mountain. It is what it is–beauty. There is nothing like lush West Virginian foliage, sheer cliffs, with a roaring river hundreds of feet below. We could just lay in the sun for hours watching the turkey vultures soar above, listen to the wind in the trees, and meditate upon the goodness of God.

France Park. It’s not in France, but in the middle of Indiana. There is more than corn in Indiana. This park is a novelty with its unique paddle fish as big as a human swimming patiently in the clear quarry. There are some great trails to get lost on. This is the place we first held hands. Also, I think we both cried with joy.

Philly People Watching. South Street Philly is quite the place, enough said. It is a place you can get a yummy cheese steak, funky new hat, and lovely wooden fish migrated from Jamaica in an overpriced store that smell like something illegal.

Dollar Date. This is fun. Give each other a buck and an hour to spend it at the mall. The goal is to buy a gift for each other. I got Sarah some groovy knick-knacks from the clearance area of the candy store and she got me a skin tight shirt with lip-kisses all over it. A quick pic in the photobooth and it’s an unforgettable night.

Plant a Tree. On a sunny day last fall we got-green. We dug up maple tree saplings from a friends wooded lot and replanted them in our yard. To this day all eight of the trees are still living. I suppose it’s because Sarah prayed diligently over each one.

Canoeing down the Creek. This is a favorite. We love to paddle down the Wildcat Creek in the fall. The colors of the leaves, coolness of the breeze, and poison ivy. Yes, I was itchy for weeks, but it was a wonderful reminder of a great day on our floating picnic.

Library Date. It’s cheap and smart. We make rounds to the various libraries in town and exchange interesting factoids with one another. You can also rent old movies that you forgot existed. Sometimes you can even walk away with really cool books that are free.

Build your Own Pizza. Yummy for the tummy and good for a day when the weather is crummy. You can both have pizza your way: Sarah has her side with veggies and I have mine with meat. There is nothing better than homemade pizza, a good movie, and a blanket to cuddle under.

Patch the Pigs. Sarah and I like art. We took some old Clorox Bleach bottles and decorated them with scraps of fabric. Quite crafty. The pigs turned out to look like colorful quilts. It was a great way to turn trash into a treasure.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On. The first time I kissed Sarah was the day of our engagement at the Tippecanoe Battlefield. Of course this is a day no man can forget. What lovely lips my lady has!

Bonus Date: Dumbo Do-Do

Footage is Coming Soon

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