This weekend I will being marrying the woman I love. A lady at church said that I am glowing like a bride to be. I wasn’t sure how to take that, but I assume it was a compliment. As I consider marriage I am eager to love my wife. Over the past few months I have made a series of resolves that I desire to uphold in our marriage:

I resolve to love God first and you.
I resolve to pursue His covenant relationship as a model for our covenant relationship.
I resolve to love you only and no other woman.
I resolve to love you with Gods interests in mind.
I resolve to love you not in a way that is for my own gain.
I resolve to seek the example of God in helping me to love you.
I resolve to lead you as Christ leads me.
I resolve to do my best to listen carefully to every word that is spoken from your lips.
I resolve to not hang up on you or walk away in anger.
I resolve to consult with you on all major decisions that affect both of us.
I resolve to submit and respect authorities in my life.
I resolve to not talk negatively about you in front of other people.
I resolve to minister to you as my first priority.
I resolve to deal with conflict between us biblically and immediately.
I resolve to spend quality time with you alone each day.
I resolve to listen carefully, understand, know and study you.
I resolve to speak truthfully and honestly with you.
I resolve to not bring up what we have already sought in forgiveness.
I resolve to serve you with joy for your encouragement in Christ.
I resolve to encourage you to have other Christ-honoring friendships.
I resolve to be open with you concerning my temptations and desires.
I resolve to give myself to you and only you intimately.
I resolve to seek my greatest satisfaction in Jesus Christ.
I resolve to hold us both accountable before God’s Word.
I resolve to confront your sinfulness, but help you overcome it through Gods help.
I resolve to view your body and heart as Gods beautiful creation.
I resolve to protect you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
I resolve to trust you with all my heart.
I resolve to pursue through trials and tribulations with you.
I resolve to be willing to die with you for the sake of Christ name and glory if He so chooses.
I resolve to instill within our relationship convictions not conformity.
I resolve to pray with you often.
I resolve to worship God above all and not to make you an idol of my heart.
I resolve to give God the glory for our blessings and good gifts from God.
I resolve to show and tell you, “I love you.”

Sincerely yours,

Justin Hutts

7 thoughts on “iResolve

  1. Dear Friend, I am so excited for you, and am challenged by your resolutions. God has blessed you with such an amazing bride, I know the waiting was long, and not free from heartache. There’s so much peace knowing He had to bring you through valleys to get to to this mountaintop…He saw the perfect girl the whole time, you just had to be patient (and you were, so so patient.)

    There is such a joyous feeling when two people you care about so much are about to be united forever in marriage…I feel like I’m about to go on this huge adventure with you both!

  2. Dear Justin,
    Your list was such a reflection of your heart and your love for our great God. It was inspiring to read and brought tears to my eyes knowing you are going to be a great husband to Sarah.

    Rollie and I are so happy for you and wish you all the best.

  3. Beautifully done. The repeated word “resolve” carries such weight. Reminds me of Daniel resolving or “purposing in his heart” not to defile himself. And judging by his example, I think it’s safe to say God honors such resolutions. All God’s best to you and Sarah!

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