restricters and reformers

I have been reading some Reformers stuff lately. Reformers are guys that lived a long time ago that were used by God to changed the Christian world (Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Knox, etc.) I have been challenged by their writings. They were so bold, so radical, so fed-up with the status-quo, so unreligious.
What is a Reformer?
A Christian reformer is one who takes their beliefs in God and changes culture or norms to fit Him.
What is seen in the Christian world today is “Restriction” which is to take their beliefs in God and fit Him into culture. A restriction of God is to restrict His ability to change anyone or anything. It is erradicating real truth. Jesus said, I am the Truth…and the Truth will set you free. 
Jesus changed the world. He changed economies, politics, philosophy, psychology and more.
Must I restrict Him?


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