Last week, I had a hangnail removed. In June, a giant basketball sneaker stepped on my foot. It didn’t take long for my big toe to become a purple-swelled, puss-filled nuisance.
Over the next few months I became used to the pain and didn’t desire to get it checked out. Then my mother came into town. Mothers will be mothers. She reprimanded me and commanded me to get to the Doc. So like a good little boy, I did.
Doc, was happy I did and said, “this is pretty bad…the worst I’ve seen in a while” I nervously stared at the drop ceiling.
“Doesn’t it hurt?” he said.
“It did” I replied
So he cut the nickel sized chuck of nail out from under the skin (sorry for the gruesome details) and gave me instructions on how to care for my bandaged toe.
Later that night while soaking the toe in some Epsom salt, I thought: ‘Justin, this is a good object lesson! How often we get used to the pain of anger, callused to sin or live completely unsatisfied…rather than doing what it takes to live an easier, more joyful and godly life.’
I am thankful I got rid of my hangnail!


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