utterly undefinable and indescribable

Imagine you are living among the Uga-Buga tribe of Congo Africa. They have never heard about God. How might you creatively explain your God to them? Or you meet a kid that asks you who God is and what He is like. How will you explain to that kid your God? Can you define your God in a word or phrase?
Can you say, “uuuhhhmmmm”? You cannot define God in mere words or phrases. No book, volume of books or library of congress filled with books about God can explain Him fully or completely.
John Wesley said, “Give me a worm that can understand man, and I will give you a man that can understand God.”
A.W. Tozer says about God, “The mightiest thought the mind can entertain is the thought of God, and the weightiest word in any language is its word for God.”
George MacDonald adds, “do not measure God’s mind by your own.”
Face it, you worship an indescribable God and that is wilder than our wildest imaginations and greater than anything you could ever think of. And why is God indescribable? Because He made things surrounding us that we can’t even begin to describe. The world of astronomy showcases God’s indescribable glory. Psalms 19, talks about how the Heavens are telling the glory of God. “Day after day and night after night the heavens are our billboard about God,” says Louie Giglio, “The heavens show us two things: 1. How huge God is; and 2. How really, really, really tiny we are!”
God in our galaxy, displays for us the majesty and splendor that He created. When you get a snapshot of the galaxy farther and farther away from our own planet scientists tell us there are billons of galaxies beyond ours. We were reminded that the God who has a name for each and every galaxy, star and planet in the entire universe, is the same God who can call each of us by name and care about everything we go through. That is the same God who showed us such power in creating a universe bigger than what we can possibly imagine is the same God who chose to bring forgiveness to us by sending his son, Jesus, to earth as a servant to die for our sins.
Who is your God? How well do you know Him? What does your life say about the God you know?
I do not just want to ‘know about God’, but I want to ‘KNOW GOD”!


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