BIG sky country has its advantages. You can see cars coming 12.8 miles away, you can eat a steak that still is warm from butchering, and the speed limit is 75mph.
This week I enjoyed a short visit to Wyoming with 3 other ol’ farts. What a trip. We literally spent more time driving in the van than we were at our destination. It was worth it though. Nothing like a road trip. We had enough junk food the ride to stock the local Le Grange grocery store.
The purpose of the trip for me was simple: check out a Christian College I have never seen before (Frontier School of the Bible), see the Huseby’s who discipled me as a young teen in the WBC youth group, and seek out future pastoral interns for BGBC.
The school was 50 miles from nowhere, but a beautiful campus. God is doing a work there. I would not trade my education. Well, I am heading to the sack to catch up on sleep.

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