sometimes it’s good to be sick

Ever since Sunday I have had this yucky stomach flu. It has been uncomfortable, draining and tiredsome. I am not complaining. For if I was I would hear a choir of companions calling out in unison, “WHAA!!!”

Despite feeling like I wanted to die…I did get a lot of needed sleep, watched enough movies to say that I am ‘TV-ed out for life’, and ate enough crackers to feed a flock of geese. All in all I would say that sickness is good. You say, “What?” And I say, SICKNESS is sometimes God’s way of saying, “Sit down, boy, and rest a little.

“Though I blame this sickness on the the flu-infested people that have shaken my hand in the past month, I do give a shout of thanks to God for the QT the past few days. Do worry friends, you cant get sick through myspace, unless you caught the killer virus that was downloaded into you computer when opening this blog. Kiddin!

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