a spoiled baby

Victoria Crying

I am stunned by the number of NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) based in the Congo. Many people around the world have compassion on this country. Yet I am concerned. Could all this compassion be causing long-term harm? Could they be creating a spoiled baby who cries for milk, nurture, clothing, and more, but cannot help itself? This is a country that relies so much about outside help. What the Congo really needs is to know how to grow up and live on their own. Or in other words stop acting like selfish babies.

I grew up having all that I wanted and more. I know the struggle of having to grow up and provide for myself. I suppose that is why I like the movie “Empire of the Sun” so much. It is the story about a wealthy British boy growing up in Japan during WWII. He has everything and more. It is obvious he is spoiled. The war strikes and he is separated from his family. He now has nothing. He is force to live on the streets, in containment camps, and is forced to grow up. He becomes a man. In the end he is reunited with his parents and has an appreciation for them unlike he had before.

Spoiled is all a matter of cultural definition. What it comes down to: being spoiled is selfish living. One who is spoiled says, “You do the work and I get the reward.” It is much the same in the USA as it is in the Congo. You can have a lot and be spoiled, and you can have little and be spoiled.

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