a smörgåsbord of Bible memory methods

The benefits of hiding God’s Word into your memory are innumerable. It’s a good cure for spiritual Alzheimer’s. Recently I have been challenged to get back into the daily habit of digesting the Word. It’s proved to be a delicious buffet that I am eager to go back to for seconds, thirds, and much more.One of the most unique and purposeful ways to memorize the Word is this suggested method:

Prepare – survey it, visualise it, see it, carry it

Repeat – read it, say it, write it, hear it, walk it, sing it

Recall – reread and check it, reflect and pray it, use it

Reinforce – trace patterns, know why, learn with others, study it, teach it

Review – forget it, review it

This method was taken from a post by at The Briefing on June 21, 2012. I encourage you to read the full version HERE. If you want more ideas here is a Smörgåsbord of helps for Bible memorization:

  1. App like Memorize Anything or Fighter Verses.
  2. Baa baa doo baa baa and Seeds has a collection of memory verses set to music. Also, check out Sons of Korah and Sovereign Grace’s Psalms.
  3. Nothing will help you more than Scripture memory.
  4. An approach to extended memorization of Scripture.
  5. Becoming Saturated.
  6. Memorize Now.

Do you have any ideas or resources?

4 benefits of regular intake of the Word through memorization

1. It feeds biblical meditation (Ps.1:1-3; 19:14; Josh.1:8-9). To think deeply about the Truth. To purposefully mull over and over the Truth throughout the day until it grips your heart and changes you within.

2. It flushes the mind of sinful thought patterns (Eph.4:22-24; Rom.12:1-2). The Word encourages us to replace worldly thought with godly ones.

3. It forces our emotions to submit (Ps.42:3-11). Talk to yourself, hear your thoughts, and hear yourself speak of God’s authority.

4.It fortifies the will to choose God’s way (1 Cor.10:13; Ps.119:11; Mt.4:1-11; Eph.2:3; 4:23). We are at war. And the war is within and without. Submit to the victor.

Adapted from Chapter 6 of Counsel One Another by Paul Tautges