T – 3 months = baby

Mama Hutts belly is growing and growing. Right now it looks like a seedless watermelon is growing in Sarah’s tummy. It is amazing to feel the headbutts and crazy kickboxing at random moments day or night [not so sure mama likes it so much though]. To think that in a matter of three months a little miracle will come screaming into the world astonishes our socks off.

I really look forward to being a daddy. Here are a few realities that excite me about being a father:

Disciplining my child into a faithful follower of Christ. Sharing the gospel story with my children brings me the most excitement. Sarah and I have been praying long before we found out that she was pregnant that our children will exceed us as parents in living faithfully for God. This is a huge parenting priority, but its a load we do not bear alone.

Taking my child fishing. Last week, I spent time with my dad and brother fishing in northern Wisconsin. I learned how to fish as a kid because of the patience training of my father. Even if my child does not like to fish, just being able to spend quality time with them will be a treasure.

my most favorite book

Reading and telling stories. We already have a stash accumulating of our favorite children’s books and stories for bedtime, car trips, camp fires, and more. Not to mention all the stories to share about baby Hutts’ journey, mom and dad’s histories, and memories of those who have come before baby Hutts. [Note: You can help towards our book and story collection at our Amazon baby registry or for other baby items Target. Also Sarah’s baby shower is September 11 at BGBC]

Growing deeper in love with my wife. My wife will be a wonderful mother. I know this because she is an amazing wife and has a tremendous love for little ones. There are certainly unforeseen challenges and curve balls that we will learn about one another as a child is brought into our family. Yet the newness of parenthood I foresee strengthening our love for one another.

There is so much more that excites me that soon will be a reality. It is good that God gives you 9 months to stew over parenting.