The Christmas Story as Drawn by our Children

This is an epic time of the year.  It’s what happened 2,000 years ago that makes it so important.  God took on flesh to save the world.  This is the Christmas Story.  This year our children made pictures of the main scenes of the story.  Enjoy.


thumb licks [christmas edition]

Does X-mas really take Christ out of Christmas?

Jesus ripped up Santa’s list. Naughty or nice He can rip up yours too.

Christmas in a Nutshell.

10 Ways to bring the gospel home this Christmas.

Having trouble finding parking while Christmas Shopping? The science of parking.

The first Christmas: myths and realities.

Who were the magi? Maybe not what you think.

Will the real Saint Nick please stand up.

The Story. What the real Christmas is all about.

The Advent: resurrection, restoration & creation

The Incarnation [Odd Thomas]

Ditto. A classic Christmas lights photo that I’ve often thought about duplicating.