1 Peter: Faith In The Fire

Peter is someone we can all relate to in the Bible. He says what he thinks. He is impulsive. He takes matters into his own hands. He blows it really bad with Jesus. In the gospel, he is a big coward.

Yet on the other hand, in Acts, you see a new Peter. He repents. He is restored with Jesus. God redeemed his shame. He grows in faith and grace. The three years he spent with Jesus were not wasted. Jesus made him the leader of the disciples. He has a bold faith and is unashamed of Jesus. He went on to write two books of the Bible (1 and 2 Peter). He was a pastor who loved people (aka: sheep). And like Jesus, He was crucified for being a Christian.

In Peter, we see a normal Jesus-follower. Someone who really loves Jesus. Someone who really sins. Someone with whom God is patient as he grows and matures through his sin to love Jesus more and sin less. His imperfections are endearing and his progress is encouraging.

Peter’s first letter is packed with timeless wisdom for every Christian generation. It is gold for the soul from a seasoned pastor on how to live amidst life’s trials in light of the person and work of Jesus, who also suffered trials.

Peter writes to groups of Christians who lived in modern-day Turkey. They were Christians who were suffering greatly for their faith in Jesus. Their faith was under fire. In the heat of the trials, Peter reminds them that they belong to God. Remembering that we belong to a loving and sovereign God allows us to find peace and purpose in every circumstance or seasons of trial, giving us strength to press onward toward faith and obedience to Jesus.

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