12 Reasons Why Jesus is Greater

Here are 12 reasons why Jesus is greater from the book of Hebrews:

1. Jesus is the Greater Messenger than angels (1:2-14)

2. Jesus has the Greater Message than angels (2:1-4)

3. Jesus is Greater Prophet than Moses (3:1-6)

4. Jesus is Greater High Priest than Aaron (4:14-5:5)

5. Jesus is Greater priesthood than Melchizedek (5:6-10)

6. Jesus has the Greater ministry than the Levites (7:9-28)

7. Jesus is the Greater Servant (8:1-6; 9:1-5)

8. Jesus is the Greater Mediator (8:7-13; 9:6-10)

9. Jesus is the Greater Blood Sacrifice (9:11-28)

10. Jesus is the Greater Bodily Sacrifice (10:1-18)

11. Jesus is Greater Example of Faith (11:1-12:3)

12. Jesus has the Greater Origin (12:18-24)

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