is your work, good works?

Do you see all your work and laboring throughout the week as sacred rather than secular? Here are some great questions to ask of yourself this week as you go to work in the public square and market place:

1) Do you see your work as nothing more than a necessary evil, or only as the context for evangelistic opportunities? Or do you see it as a means of glorifying God through participating in His purposes for creation and therefore having intrinsic value? How do you relate what you do in your daily work to the Bible’s teaching about human responsibility in creation and society?

2) God is the auditor–the independent inspector of all that happens in the public arena. What God therefore demands, as any auditor should, is complete integrity and transparency. Where, in all your activity, is the deliberate acknowledgement of, and submission to, the divine auditor?

3) A common Christian assumption is that all that happens here on earth is nothing more than temporary and transient. Human history is nothing more than the vestibule for eternity, so it doesn’t really matter very much. How do you perceive the governance of God in the marketplace (which is another way of seeking the kingdom of God and His justice), and what difference does it make when you do? Is it really the case that “Heaven rules” on Sundays, but The Market rules from Monday to Friday (with Saturdays as a day off for gods and humans)?

4) In what ways is your daily labour transformed by the knowledge that it is all contributing to that which God will one day redeem and include within His new creation?

Redeem your work. Christians are to be good citizens and good workers, and thereby to be good witnesses. Work is still a creational good. It is good to work, and it is good to do good by working. All this is part of the mission of God’s people too.

Questions are taken from the book, The Mission of God’s People, Christopher J.H. Wright, Zonderzan, Grand Rapids, MI. 2010. Pg. 224-234

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