it’s a wonderful life

This year Sarah and I are celebrating Christmas with a wonderful gift–our daughter Justus. New life is an incredible blessing. In fact, Christmas is all about new life.

In a tiny village two millennia ago God became incarnate through the little Christ child. This baby laying in an animal trough born into a dusty world came for one purpose–He lived to die. Why would anyone purpose to die from birth? First, this was no ordinary baby. Second, Christ’s death lead to an extraordinary opportunity for you to have eternal life.

Jesus Christ came into your world to show you what God is like. Jesus is God with skin on. And walking in this world He demonstrated a life of love for sinful humans by dying a criminal’s death on the cross in your place so that you might be forever forgiven. His sacrificial death paves the way for you to have eternal life, if you only turn from your sin and embrace Christ as Savior.

The privilege of being parents to our new little life is an awesome illustration of dependence. Our little girl is utterly dependent upon us for everything, particularly: protection, nourishment, and comfort. This is all a small scale portrait of the panorama seen in the Scripture of God’s care for His people, who are also dependent upon Him for provision.

Not a one of us is independent of a need for God. This is heard in the message and seen in the example of Jesus Christ. He is the inexpressible gift. Believe on Him and you will have eternal life. Choose to celebrate life with us this Christmas!

Wishing you and your family a Wonderful Christmas!

Justin, Sarah and Justus

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