Justus Joanna Hutts

God brought into the world our first child, Justus Joanna Hutts. She came at 4:28AM Monday weighing 7.4lbs and measuring 20in. Mama had a great delivery and is resting well. Justus is a hungry little hippo. I think she already has a Hutts nose!?

Where did we get her name?

Justus comes from a character in the Bible who is described as a worshiper of God [Acts 18:7]. We hope this will not only be her name, but the shape of her soul. Justice is also one of our most favorite characteristics of God. It is a profound word that carries weight and honor, which we hope to instill within our child.

Joanna is a mixture of two amazing women in our lives. Joanne, Sarah’s mother and Joan, grandmother of Justin.

7 thoughts on “Justus Joanna Hutts

  1. Congratulations happy family. So glad everything went well. We’re sending our love & best wishes your way. Karen is visiting for Thanksgiving and we are jumping up & down this morning with happiness. Life is good!!!

    Love you all….keep us posted.


  2. Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. Thanks to God that Sara and Justus are both healthy! Can’t wait to meet her someday! Love Dave and Jenni

  3. Congratulations, Justin and Sarah! We are so thrilled. We enjoyed meeting her yesterday, and I can’t wait til you get home so we can come over and see her again 🙂 Keep resting well….we are praying for you….and praying that you’ll come home today. Love you!

  4. Better a Hutts nose than a Elmer set of ears. I don’t think it looks like an extremely pronounced proboscis yet though. If we are still in MI we should get together sometime next year. Brook

  5. Thanks for letting me know where I could see Justus’ first photo, Justin. She is gorgeous and beautiful, just like her Mama! God certainly blessed you both with such a wonderful gift. Again, Congratulations and I can’t wait to meet her, hold her, kiss her and hug her when you come home for Christmas.
    Grandma Val

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