baby Hutts’ first glamour shot

Nothing glamorous about the photo other than the glamorous price tag! Ultra sounds today are really neat with 3D effects. Sarah and I got to see every part of baby Hutts inside mama’s belly.

Is baby Hutts a boy or girl? That is a good question. One dad cannot answer here for you. You see, mama Hutts does not know yet. When the ultrasound tech was searching around the significant parts mom looked away and only dad got to see the money shot. Fun-loving mama Hutts wants to play a little game: how many people can Justin tell before Sarah finds out? So far it is working in Justin’s favor. If you want to find out you will have to contact me. Shh…please keep it a secret from Sarah.

Definite observations about baby Hutts [after 5 months]:

  • definitely has a Polish nose like dad.
  • definitely going to a dancer or runner with big kickin’ clod hoppers!
  • definitely a ham like mama
  • definitely cutest baby ever [of course].

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