a lesson on sin from LOTR

the ring of sin

Lately, Sarah and I have been on a Lord of the Rings kick. We watched all tree DVD’s in the extended edition. We did not watch them back-to-back-to-back. That would be crazy! However, now that I think of it not a bad idea!?

Each time I watch LOTR I am convicted and think about sin. I like to watch the movie and imagine the ring being a symbol of sin. I am sure somebody has already thought of that before, written some book on it and made tons of money already on that notion. Here are just some notes on sin I noticed from LOTR’s:

Sin is a struggle to the end.

No getting around it. Sin will be a struggle until we part from this planet. The reward is in the reliance upon a God who is ready to rescue us. in Him we are dead to sin and live to Christ.

kill sinSin must be killed.

Sin is like a beast waiting and wanting to destroy all who put it on. Frodo has a mission: to destroy the ring, at all costs. On his journey he struggles with the rings powers which weaken him to breaking points. The only way to be free of the rings power is to destroy it.

faithful friendsRecruit others to kill sin with you.

It is hard enough to journey in our sin alone. We all need Sam’s to help us kill sin. I immediately think of my good friend Ben who has been a helping me slay the dragons of sin in my life. Be a part of a Fellowship [i.e. church] that encourages you to destroy sinfulness.


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