what is our Congo project?

Picture 1Imagine living in a country that has been under gorilla-style civil war for the over 12 years. Christian believers have been abandoned of resources. What they had was burned or confiscated, and what they did manage to keep they preserved by bury in the ground. Yet the church is still vibrant and growing. With a few Bibles, hymnbooks, and biblical materials they are continuing to press of for the sake of Christ. They are simply in need of more biblical resources.

August 6-22, Sarah and I will be headed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to lead a Youth Leadership Seminar and help direct a youth ministry retreat. The seminar will be held in Bukavu, Congo for 3-days. We are summoning pastors, youth directors and leaders from around the area to attend. The Seminar is mainly on how to cultivate a biblical basis of ministry and lead an effective outreach through the use of low-cost retreats. Immediately after the seminar we will host the retreat for area youth that will give those who attended the YLS a  practical application to what they had learned from the seminar. Those coming to the seminar will either have to pay a low fee or bring food items.

As you might know Sarah grew up in the Congo for the first 12 years of her childhood. I look forward to going to the land where she has her roots. Her parents were missionaries to the Congo.We will be able to see some of her old friends and partners in the ministry. Be in prayer for the pastors and youth leaders that desire to grow in Christ and have a vision for the youth of their nation. In the picture above are some of those leaders.

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