a lesson on authority: my president

Tomorrow is the inauguration of our new president Barak Obama. It is an exciting time with a lot of anticipation, especially in tight economic uncertainty. There are mixed reviews about the outgoing president and moving in of the new. I have a lot of respect for our new president. I may not agree with his policies or all that his party stands for, but he is my president. I might be tempted to speak out in disagreement and debate of his choices or character, yet he is my president. I am going to honor, respect and pray for him.

photo-19Many cringe and snicker at the thought of authority in their life possibly because those authority figures were abusive or didn’t live up to expectations. It is difficult to watch the news stations because they become so critical of those in authority. They tear down all that these leaders are trying to build up. President Bush has the lowest approval rating in recorded history. He has been the brunt of late night comic relief (of which my favorite were David Letterman’s “Presidential Speeches”). Sure his decisions and demeanor have added to this dismal ratings, but it gives us no right to down him as man.

Parents come to me often and ask, “Why doesn’t my child listen to or respect my authority?” I will ask them questions in return that usually reveals their answer, “What do you say about your boss around the dinner table? What do you communicate about your president to your children? Do you speak negatively about any other authorities in your life?” Children watch closely how their parents honor authority in their lives and will reflect that character in their own lives. More than likely if a parent bashes authority, their children will bash theirs. Let’s stop bashing authorities in our lives for the sake of our future generations.

See Romans 13:1-6; 1 Peter 2:13,14; Hebrews 13:17.

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