less of me; more of GOD

We recently had our annual reFUEL retreat, a youth winter retreat. I thought I would share with you from the perspective of one of our teens what kind of weekend it was…

Less.. complaining More.. thanking
Less.. selfishness More.. selflessness

Less.. anger More.. love
Less.. bitterness More.. forgiveness

Less.. jealousy More.. compassion
Less.. self pity More.. joy

Less.. quitting More.. determination
Less.. discouragement More.. hope


Less of me, more of God. Is completely about thinking of who we are and how we compare to who God is. We are created in His image, and we are made in His likeness. But we are absolutely nothing compared to Him and all of His glory. We are disgusting vile sinners, lost in a world of total wickedness. But He has the greatest love you could ever imagine and He sent His only Son to take away that shell of what we could be in Him. And if we accept that free gift and He becomes our Savior, we can become like Him and live for Him and receive the greatest joy imaginable. And as we begin to grasp the concept of His love, we begin to see how big and awesome and powerful He is. And it is then that we realize that we are incredibly small compared to Him, and we find great joy in making Him great. When we magnify Him in our lives every day, we think less of ourselves because we are focused on Him. As we let go of our old selves and our old way of thinking it becomes easier (not easy) to think less of ourselves. God is great and He deserves the spotlight. We, I, need to let Him take control of my life and become the Number One. “He must increase, I must decrease.” There needs to be less of me.. and more of God.

[this blog entry comes from Hannah Starrett a SALT leader at FUEL student ministries]

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