less is more

less is more: less of me, more of God
“God, I want to step it up in my faith!” This was my cry as I came across these familiar, yet refreshing verses of Scripture…
Mark 10:42-45. An apostle makes a strange, but striking comment about Jesus’ purpose, which reveals His true character. He says, “He [Jesus] came not to be served, but to serve.” What? How could the God of the universe or the King of all kings not come to earth to be served? Jesus took the form of a waiter and even a slave to show that life is all about giving of oneself not receiving.
Luke 9:46-48. Jesus breaks up an argument among His disciples who were trying to prove who was the greatest man among their posy. Before they started to really duke it out, Jesus steps in and says, “Whoever is least among you will be the greatest.” In other words, make less of yourselves and more of Me.
We live in a culture today that’s national anthem is “Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, mmmeeeee!!!” However, we never read in the Bible that this is to be our theme. On the contrary our motto is to be “God first”, “You rule”, or simply “You God!”
Remember what John said, “He must increase and I must decrease.” [John 3:30]
In fact, the Scripture explains a lot about who I am. Paul’s says it best when he says he is the “scum of the earth.” I am a sinner. I do not deserve for a minute the position that I have before God. I didn’t earn it. I didn’t buy it. And I sure wasn’t good enough for it. Yet, Jesus Christ has allowed me to have a right standing before Him all because of what He has done for me.
After four years of ministry at Battle Ground Bible Church I am starting to get comfortable. I know the church, and they know me. Comfort is not always a good thing. I don’t want to get to comfortable. I believe God always want us out of our comforts zone and step in up in our faith. So out of this comfort a new vision for my walk with Christ and our youth ministry was born.
Less of me. My identity is Christ. There is nothing about myself to be proud of or to boast in. If anything my pride and boasting is in Christ.
More of God. His purpose is making Himself known. So my purpose must be in sync with His. I am to make God famous. When people look at me, they are to see less of me, and more of God.
So are you with me in this great cause to make more of God and less of us?

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