follow the LEADER

Remember the game you use play in elementary school Follow the Leader? It was the activity where you would follow or mimic another student in class and doing whatever they would do no matter how strange or crazy it got..

Leaders are everywhere! They are at school, church, work, TV, sports. But are they all worth following?

A leader is “One who provides guidance and direction for others.”

You follow someone or something. Who or what would that be? How would you describe their leadership? How does their leadership help you? Does their leadership hurt or hinder you? There are many leaders around us. They lead us in many different ways. Some good and some bad.

As Christians, do we need a leader to follow? Yes. As we will look at in a moment God always leads His people through the Holy Spirit. As a Christian I need Some-ONE to LEAD me.

The disciples sure felt their need for a leader when Jesus told them He would be leaving them (Jn.16:5-6). Jesus told the disciples that the Father would send them “another Comforter” that would be with them forever (Jn.14:16) and would “guide” or lead them (Jn.16:13). Isn’t it good that Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to lead us and not let us wander around aimlessly?

God has always be concerned about leading His people down through history…

How did God lead? (Ps.136:16; Ex.13:17,21) He led His people.

How long did God lead His people? (Ps.48:14) To the end, until death.

Where did God lead His people? (Ps.5:8, 25:9) He led them in truth and righteousness.

What is the character of one who follows the Lord’s Leadership? (Ps.25:9) Meek & humble, willing to follow.

The Holy Spirit is the main leader in the church and the Christina life today. since, this is the case, shouldn’t we find out more about His leadership in my life? Let’s look at some principles of the Holy Spirits LEADING…

Principle One: The Holy Spirit will always be consistent with the teachings of Christ (Jn.14:26) – The H.S. will never do anything contrary to what Jesus taught.

Example: To say you have not been led to share your faith with a friend is to contradict Christ’s words to Go and Preach the Gospel (Mk.16:15)

Principle Two: The Holy Spirit’s leading will be in agreement with the whole of God’s Word. – If it were not so we could not trust Him since He is the author of the Word (1 Pt.1:21).

Example: To say that you have been led to date a non-believer to evangelize him/her contradicts the message of 2 Corinthians 6:14 “Don’t be yoked to an unbeliever”. The H.S. would not lead in this way.

Principle Three: The Holy Spirit’s leading is known in a way He exalts Christ (Jn.16:14). –Whatever we do under the leading of the Spirit should point others to Christ (Jn.15:26).

Example: A preacher on TV says you can get rich if you pray or denies the deity of Christ cannot be led of the Spirit because his message exalts man, not Christ.

Principle Four: The Holy Spirit’s leading will be in opposition to the World and all that is worldly. – He would never led you into sin because it is His plan to keep you from it (1 Cor.2:12; Rom.8:3-4).

Example: To claim the Holy Spirit led you to a drinking party or to have intercourse with your date is not the leading of the H.S. (1 Thess.5:22)

In conclusion, there are many leaders you can follow. Some good, some bad. But none better than the Holy Spirit. Who will you seek to follow? Who will you not follow? What will that cause you to do or not do?

Good questions to ask yourself:

How will this decision/activity be consistent with the teachings of Christ?

How will this decision/activity be in agreement with the whole of God’s Word?

Will this decision/activity exalt Christ?

Will this decision/activity lead me into worldly activities?

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