OBSESSION = “an abnormal or intense pre-occupation–an irrational reverence or attachment”
Is there something that compels and constrains you in daily life? Is there an irrational reverence or attachment to something in your life? That is an OBSESSION.
Some 21 times the Psalmist refers to God in eleven short verses (Ps.63:1-11). He could have been OBSESSED with His enemies, for they were many. But rather than being pre-occupied with them he had an irrational reverence and attachment to God.
The OBSESSION of the Psalmist was to meet with and to know God in a very deep and spiritually intimate way. Someone has called Ps.63 the “soul of the psalms.”
The early church sang this psalm every morning. The song came out of a personal experience from the one who wrote it. Sometimes circumstances leave us with nothing in life but God alone. David had been betrayed by his own son, exiled from his throne, and humiliated in the desert. Out of those experiences, he expressed here his desire for God and God alone.
You may have heard about the man whose neighbor has a rooster that crowed during the day. The man who heard the rooster crow during the day, got to the point he could not sleep well at night, because he was afraid that the rooster might crow at night and wake him up, so he just stayed awake so the rooster would not wake him up. He was OBSESSED with that rooster to the point that it controlled his life and his sleep patterns.
There is nothing wrong with an OBSESSION as long as it is in God.
The psalmist David reveals an overwhelming passion for God Himself. Too often we get OBSESSED with what God can give to us, rather than the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We need God more than we need anything else in life.


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