Remember the Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin, lovingly known as the Crocodile Hunter, died on Monday doing what he loved; capturing wildlife on film in its own demain. 
While filming Stingrays in the Great Barrier Reef, Steve Irwin was slashed through the heart by one of the posionous barbs on a Stringray’s tail. He was paralized instantly and died later that day, leaving a loving wife and two children behind.
If you ever watched The Crocodile Hunter, you’d know what an impact that Steve has made on the past decade of research. He bravely went where no man has gone, and he has done milestones in zoology and other forms of science.
My favorite episode was when he was boating in a Croc infested swamp at night. His wife was clocked by a tree branch and fell into the swamp. Steve immediately yelled, “My wifey” and dove into save her. Surrounded by bobbing Croc eyes he pulled her into safety. What a guy!
Kids, teens and adults alike will join in their mourning of this great, charismatic Australian.
Remember Steve Irwin (the Chuck Norris of the Wild), loved by all. Remember our Crocodile Hunter. 


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