the O.C.

That’s right I did the O.C. (or more like, Brock did the O.C.)
1. The airport
2. The Mustang Convertable
3. The clogged toilet
4. Breakfast
5. Hitting the waves & riding into shore
6. The In & Out Burger
7. Go-karting (nothing like getting lapped)
8. The pool party
9. The (translated) Focus Fox concert
10. The ladies
11. Dinner at the meat bar
12. The tux mix-up
13. Bomberman 2 & NBA Jam TE
14. IBC Root Beer & Knit hats
15. The wedding
And there are so many more to fill 4 or 5 seasons, but we will leave those for another day.
What a week! I so needed this vacation. Nothing like being surrounded by great friends in a great location. Thanks to all who made it a great week (Josh, Christine, Caleb, Brock, Aaron, Shane, Cassie, Bethany & many more).


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