night at PU

Cool night. About 15 peeps from our FUEL and Cornerstone group traveled over to Purdue University tonight to attend the final evening ralley of the EFCA Challenge ’06. This is an every-other-year youth conference put on by the EV-Free church. 6,000 stoked high schoolers were there. We were surrounded by fired up teens, participated in amazing worship, and listened to a practical piece of Gods Word.
After the shindig we went to Bdubs for some chicken wraps and electronic Texas Holdem. Guess who was sitting at the table next to us? Chris Tomlin and the crew. It was neat having the opportunity to meet these fine men. I will never wash my hands again. Okay, so I already have used Purel!?
I was challenged by the speaker tonight too. He talked about using your spiritual gifts or ‘do what God has called you to do’. He stated that if we gripe about who we are or compare ourselves to others, we essentially are telling God He didnt create me good enough. When we think we are belittling ourselves we are really belittling God.


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