This isn’t in any particular order but I was just wondering what your thoughts are on what order these Items should be in. I would appreciate your input. 
Great question, EH? Thought provoking. The list is already in a good orderI am an idealist when it comes to priorities. God comes first, all else is for the glory of God. “Do all to the glory of God.” I wish this were the balance in my life, but I struggle to maintain the balance.
There is a delicate balance of what comes second after God. It is difficult to say what falls 2, 3, 4, etc. Should priorities share an equal load (Ex: GOD, family, work & ministry)? I think not. There are times when one needs more attention over the other or when one deserves our attention over the other.
The Scriptures mention that as a child, father and spouse your responsibility is to honor, lead and care for your family. While this is true you still need to work to put food on the table and minister within your spiritual giftedness so the church of Christ is growing.
Here’s my opinion. It’s for free. We live in a culture that categorizes and systematizes everything! Even our priorities seem to have to be categorized into a ranking system from first to last. Being organized and task oriented is not a bad practice (I am an organized nuthead), but Scripturally a priority list is not principalized.So what do I suggest?
Set a loose priority list.
1. God
2. Everything else God holds me responsible
When we live first for God and do everything (family, work, ministry, etc.) for His glory our priorities fall in line with Him. Living for His glory means at home I am seeking to have a family that is lead by God, at work I am a servant like Christ, and in the ministry I am driven by the Spirit to use my gifts for His glory. When we try to priorotize our lives we often miss the big picture, it is not about making my priorities fit, but its about God, my “Priority”.

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