belly dancer for hire

In Memory of Grandma.
As a few of you know my late grandma, Joan Rothe, was a dancer. She could twirl a baton, do the polka, and wax any wedding reception with her grooves. And of course, who can forget grandma’s sweet skills in belly dancing or as she would tell us grandkids, “middle eastern dancing”. Ah yes, those were the days…watching grandma wiggle her hips on stage, balancing that sword on her head with a dozen other grandmas. It would make most young boys squimish, but for me, I was proud. I mean, who can brag on their grandma’s belly dancing skills? It made for a great show and tell in elementary school!?
In deed, I did inherit my grandmothers genes. I may not have the hips, but I do have the famed belly roll. The past few nights I have been honing my practice of belly dancing by watching instructional videos gifted to my by Amy and Charity who admittedly see potential in my future of male belly dancing. I know some of you may laugh, but if you are ever in need of a belly dancer I will soon be on the market. I could perform for your kids birthday parties, church potlucks or holiday business parties. I dont cost much, but I will promise you a good show.
In all seriousness, thanks grandma…
 for loving on me like a mother,
for your patience with my kid-ish spells,
for the weekend rides to great grandma Stella’s,
for trying to cook and laughing about the mistakes,
for being a clean-aholic,
for your willingness to see the world and travel and share your adventures,
for demonstrating to me unbiased compassion,
for always having a fun and giving personality,
for never complaining even in the mist of deadly cancer,
and for instilling within me a desire to dance.

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