Real Worship

I was rereading a great book on the subject of WORSHIP this week by Warren W. Wiersbe and I was struck by this quote,

“One of the greatest dangers is that we ‘use’ worship in order to accomplish something else other than to glorify God in the edification of His church. We do not worship God in order to achieve peace of mind or to solve our personal problems, although these may be blessed by-products of worship. We worship God because He commands us to do so and because worship is the highest and holiest experience of the Christian believer. God is worthy of our worship, and that’s all we really need to know. If our motive is anything other than this, then we are ‘using’ God and practicing a refined form of idolatry.” (p.109, Real Worship)

Worship is more than a song or something we do. It is a lifestyle. It is an act of giving worth to God.

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