My Adventures with Flat Stanley

flat-stanley-at-desk.jpg A few weeks ago I got a letter from my little siter Olivia. She is 6 and enjoying her second semester of kindergarden. The letter included a message from Flat Stanely, a book they read in class. I was to journal and send back a day in my life with Flat…I had a great day with Flat Stanley. I am so glad to have met this new friend.

In the morning, Flat and I went to the bank in West Lafayette. On our way we passed through Purdue University campus where about 40,000 students study mostly farming and engineering. It is a really big place. Many famous people studied here like Neil Armstrong and Amelia Earhart. Of course, I didn’t go to Purdue, but graduated from a college in West Virginia a few years ago.

After going to the bank we drove to my office. On our way to the office we drove through Prophetstown. This is a very historical town where the Battle of Tippecanoe took place in 1811. General William Henry Harrison fought against a group of Indians led by Tecumseh and his brother the Prophet. Many people lost their lives there. Today there is a really neat museum and park to visit.

flat-stanley-being-counselled.jpgThe town next to Prophetstown is Battle Ground, which is where I live and work. I work at Battle Ground Bible Church. I am the assistant pastor and youth director of the church. I teach, counsel and plan a lot of events for our teenagers. We just got back from  our Winter Retreat last weekend, even though there was no snow it was a blast. It is a lot of fun to meet with teenagers everyday. Like today we met  Will and Joe. During the day Flat helped me answer the phone, check emails and prepare for the week. We got a lot done and Flat was a good boy! 


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