high gas prices

What is a few bucks spent on gas, when you have a lifetime of memories from one road trip?

Over the weekend I traveled down to wild and wonderful West Virginia. I packed about 2 weeks worth into 5 days. I had many refreshing conversations with longtime friends while marinating on Gods rustic mountains.

A spectrum of feelings: I was refreshed by the glory of God’s creation. I was overjoyed to see moco feo, Ray & Tiff over good pizza and talks about God. I was embarrassed by a fender bender with “The Don’s” getaway vehicle. I was encouraged to be among the worshippers of Hilltop. I was stuffed with good eatin’ at Bob & Elva Jean’s. I was blessed to spend quality time being enamored with the most wonderful woman, her name is “beautiful.”

High gas prices can’t stop me from these memories.