the beginning of mankind

What came first the chicken or the egg? That is the infamous question of origins. Except today we will unlock the mysteries to the question, what came first the human or ape? I am not satisfied with the conclusion that I evolved from an ape or primordial ooze. Is there another option? A better option?

Genesis does tell you a lot about God and everything He created, and it also says a lot about yourself. First, man is made in God’s image [1:26]. You were created. God made you. He made you to be a reflector of one thing—Himself. But what does it mean that God has created you in His image? The answer is in the context of Genesis 1:26. You are imaged as a dominioneers. A dominioneer is a ruler, a mini king like the King of kings. This is what sets you apart from every other animal, plant, or planet that God created.

As dominioneers you are charged to take care of everything God has created on earth and spread yourselves out in population as well as spread the popularity of God’s fame through your obedience. You were made in the image of God to bear His name, to work, to rule, and to serve as God’s steward.[1] The earth is not our mother; rather God is our very good Father. This cultural mandate is supposed to carry forth as the church building a kingdom counter culture that honors God, obeys His Word, and expands His fame.

Second, man was created as male and female [1:27; 2:4-25]. God created man equally in His image, but He created them differently in sex and roles. God made the male a helpmate suitable for him [2:18] because God knew he needed a personal companion and complement [not compliment, but a counterpart]. These verses on male and female are critical for relationships, marriage, and sexuality issues. Issues our culture would rather ignore. Man and woman become one flesh in marital union as designed by God. This is the miracle or marriage.

Third, man was created very good [1:31]. Above all of God’s creation He sets man apart as not just good, but very good. Man was innocent and sinless at first [2:25]. Man had direct communication with God in the garden. And man felt no shame with God. That is why they were naked. They had nothing to hide. They were completely open and transparent with God. Today, you would never walk outside your house without any clothes on because you would either be embarrassed or arrested. Today nakedness equals shame and hiding things is natural. Why? You will have to wait for more on this next week.

In conclusion, history and humanity has a beginning The Bible begins with God and the creative act that sent time into motion. The Bible addresses the origin of man and the universe [and everything] in Genesis 1-2. These first chapters of the Bible reveal to you the character of God, the beginnings of creation and the beginnings of man. You and I are left to ponder and wonder, let us draw to God in worship and praise for His wonderful creation.

[1] D.A. Carson, The God Who Is There, Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI. 2010. Pg. 23.