the case of the white chair

For months Sarah and I have been pondering the mysterious appearance of a single white chair strategically placed in the isle of church during our wedding. We do not know how it got there or who put it there. At first it bothered us, but now it has become a picture of something sweetly divine.

The empty chair has reminded us of our most important guest of honor at our wedding: Christ. We desired to make Christ the focal point of our wedding and it couldn’t be more fitting to have him in the center of the room sitting within the white chair. I won’t go to much further with this analogy for the sake of heresy, but I know  for certain Christ is with us and will continue to be the centerpiece and highest seat within our marriage. Thanks to whoever put the chair in the isle. It has been a source of great frustration turned to joy!!



I just got back from the Together 4 the Gospel 2008 Conference in Louisville, KY. Wow, it was a lot different than I had expected. It was great to see all the guys from my seminary classes and ol’ college buddies. I also took home enough reading material to last me a few years or until T4G 2010. They gave away more free books than all the other conferences I have been to combined.

Lesson Learned: Preach on the cross of Christ. Do not be ashamed. Do not water it down to be relevant, do not fear the responses to it grossness and primitiveness. Preach the cross. That is where the power of the gospel rests.

Check out, all the sessions are available to listen FREE. I recommend R.C. Sproul’s “The Curse Motif in the Atonement,” and John Piper’s “How the Supremacy of Christ Creates Radical Christian Sacrifice.”