build it and they will come

Build it and they will come: Changing the way we do gospel ministry Changing the way we do ministry towards a gospel-centered focus is not easy. It is a paradigm shift from the cry of our culture. Or cultural proverb says, “Build it and they will come.” There is some truth to this Field of Dreams proverb. However, it depends what you build on that … Continue reading build it and they will come

a nun, a Chinaman, and a Jedi Grand Master

A follower. What a unique word. Not many people aspire to be a follower. When we play the game follow the leader most want to be the leader and have all the followers mimicking behind them. Do you know that you are called to be a follower? Being a follower is not like being a nun or monk hidden away in a mountain monastery. God … Continue reading a nun, a Chinaman, and a Jedi Grand Master

you are a worshiper

What is worship? What is a worshiper? Worship is about God, to God and for God. Worship is about what you love. You love something or someone. What you love you give time, talents and treasures to without thinking. Worship comes natural to us because that is how God wired us. We are wired to worship. The Bible is chalked full of men and women … Continue reading you are a worshiper


Does God want to change my sinful behavior into behavior that glorifies God? You bet. However, you must be careful that you do not make behavior modification the goal of discipleship. God desires transformation in His followers. “When morphing [transformation] happens, I don’t just do the things Jesus would have done; I find myself wanting to do them. They appeal to me. They make sense. … Continue reading transformodification

lies we believe about following Christ

How are you doing as a follower? As a follower of Jesus? Are you making follower of Jesus? Depending on your answer you might be joyful and excited or confused, guilty, and frustrated.  There are some misconceptions of what a follower of Jesus is and what the process of becoming more like Jesus really looks like.  The following are common misconceptions of what discipleship is: … Continue reading lies we believe about following Christ